My number one

Here we go….

That’s gonna be my first post. Basically, I wanted to do one picture a day for one year. This commitment feels for me much more serious than engagement between two people. May be because it is engagement of one small me with the rest of this big world.
Any way…
I want to see, how I develop and I hope you ll find something interesting here too.
You know what is the hardest thing? To choose one of so many…

Glad that in this world we have something more to set against mathematical symmetry.

Вот так, начинаю этот фотографийный год с выставки, котороя, наверное, не требует пояснений. Энди Вахол и Эй Вэйвэй в Мельбурне. 1500 велосипедов угрожают миру своей симметрией. Слава Богу, нам есть что противопоставить математике…


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