Yesterday we went to the Moonlight cinema to watch a movie. (What a treat this botanical experience!). Film finished at 11:20 p.m. So at home we were 5 min before the midnight. And I had to make my post in a very-very short time, therefore I have to admit that I posted photo, which was taken couple of days ago. But today I gonna  leave yesterday’s image and my aftertaste from the movie.

We went to watch “Danish girl”.

Beautiful film (my rate is 7/10), nice made and very good acting!!! Acting probably was the best part in this movie. But…. I missed a depthhhhhhhhhh in it. All topics were just slightly touched as if they were afraid  to upset viewers or wasn’t ready to talk about it (Hollywood, It’s so much more than that!!! So much more…).

Oh…., as always welldigested Hollywood scared  to think…

IMG_0676 (2)

It felt like it’s interesting topics, but for fast food people… I guess it’s called entertainment 🍔🍩🍻

…and that same evening from my 4-years old one…


Робяты… расскажите мне про фильм. Про впечатления, про мысли ваши… Мы посмотрели в нашем ботаническом “датская девочка” (дословный перевод, возможны варианты), у вас какие впечатления (п.с. для оставления комментариев не нужно регистрации, но комментарий возможно не будет виден сразу).

Я в паззле…. показалось все таким легкоусвояемым, что даже сложно это перенести на жизнь.

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