Life is but a game!

IMG_0989 (2)

Что наша жизнь? И-и-игра!  Вчера я провела чудесный вечер на репетиции театра. Сложно выбрать одну фотографию, поэтому я решила не выбирать, они все сами скажут за себя.

IMG_1193 (2)

Yesterday was a day of theatre. I was fortunate to see the backstage, process of creation. Evening rehearsal. Everytime, when I come across  the art in all it’s forms and manifestations I feel how my soul is growing. I feel SOMETHING. This is “something”  is bigger than me. It is a Devine energy, beauty, you can also call it talant… You choose… But I believe  with this key we can open any door.

I wasn’t able to choose one picture, so let it be… It interesting I though I let them speak for themselves.

IMG_1282 (2)

What life is? No more than just a game…

And a selfy somewhere in front of the giant mirror.

На этой селфи Айрише 3 года.


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