The Best lover

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Today’s Weather cried over the Melbourne.

Someone would say it’s just a shower. May be.  For me it was a wiping like rain, it cried for a while and stopped and start again only stronger, bashing in my window. But in the morning is definitely feels like the city got fresher, brighter, better. May be it is preparing for something/someone special? It is must be for the Autumn.

Autumn comes to Melbourne like a married lover. Sometimes she stays for a day or two and then  you feel her perfume all over the city. Her smell is fresh, but warm and with a notes of rotten leafs… But sometimes Autumn can’t get enough of Melbourne and stay with him almost for a duration of a whole season. She stays till that moment when she is exhausted and a bit tipsy from the amber sun crawls back to her place; she is tired from the romance and empty from giving to a young man.

She tells herself that it’s too much and she should be more contained but shortly she ll miss him again and after a couple of visits she ll come for a stay, but as you know, not for too long…

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Замёрзший, продрогший, но безумно красивый Мельбурн стоит после душа длинною почти в целый день, подсыхая и засыпая.

–  Готовится к чему-то, – подумала я, – наверное, будет встречать красавицу Осень. Она очень красивая, мудрая и такая теплая женщина в самом расцвете сил, как говорил Карлсон, – тяжело не полюбить. И вот, Мельбурн, ещё юношей, влюбившись в нее, ждет покорно, откладывая визит Осени.

– Наверное, попала в трафик, – подумалась ему, – ничего, подождем, ради такой феи можно и год потерпеть.

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