For the art sake!

IMG_3178 (2)This piece of art (Metal clocks) standing in our gallery. A man is sitting inside of the metal box and drawing/showing the time every minute.

He is eating there, listening music, blowing his nose, drinking, he is doing everything apart from sleeping. It seems like an unachievable task to be inside of the metal box for 24 hours. And you are right, he is not there every time. It is reordering. But what I’m finding fascinating is that not many people could stand and watch him for more than 1.5 minute. So to record somewhere like 720 minutes is a big job.

Time is precious, and we can’t spend even on art more than 1.5 minutes. In this context sleeping feels like a waste of time. He can’t sleep there at all, because art urge not waiting, so I decided to help him today. I have to sleep for both of us, for the art sake!

IMG_3176 (2)

Эти удивительные часы стоят у нас в галереи и мужчина рисует нам точное время 24 часа в сутки. Он не берет перерывов, он делает все в этой маленькой железной коробке. Все, только что не спит.

И вот настала моя очередь подумать об этом бедном человеке и помочь ему. Я решила пойти поспать за него. Спокойной ночи и удачного дня.

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