Blue dreams

IMG_6443 (2)

If you’ve been near the Art center you know this coffee place space. Here are my thoughts about it.

On the dark blue van there is a light blue sticker. Sticker has a sun going down into the lake. You also can see waterfalls, palms and mountains on that sticker. Sticker is small, you easily can miss it. But… there is nothing random in this car -everything has it’s own place…

And sticker IS small, may be because it is a special, almost secret dream of a van’s owner. And all his work is focused on getting closer to a target. And it is a target because otherwise sticker wouldn’t be on the front of the car highlighted with a different colour. Very personal, but very understandable dream, which is saying: “I’m working for this future”.

And another person, by looking at him also decided to make his business mobile. BBQ  in old TOYOTA attracts attention, but doesn’t attract many buyers despite the fact that even onions are FREE. Probably, because this owner of a business is not dreaming about blue lakes and mountains, he is just aiming for his car to be a Rolling BBQ and may be a little about upgrading an old TOYOTA on new one. That’s all difference between blue dreams and a grey ones.


IMG_6451 Мобильное сегодня так вкусно пахнет.

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