A Right to be a BITCH

IMG_7749 (3)You know that situation when you try to enter a main street traffic from a side road and your only options is to wait when a road light down the road turns red and cars will stop moving.
On the way home I was waiting when cars stop to enter a traffic, but a driver on my right disagreed on that. So  I’m awkwardly standing in the middle of the bike parth with my three quarters of a car sticking out.
She (driver from a right) start closing a gap and make my turning a bit trickier. I noticed tension and asked kindly if I can move forward cause quater of my car is already in and we are standing and waiting for a green light any way. She mumbled smth behind closed windows. Green light. Everyone is moving. My turn. I’ve looked at her and she furiously over took my car. Thanks God I contemplated and looked, otherwise it would be a different story. I laughed and showed her a thumbs up.
I guess she has a right not to be kind and has a right not to pretend that she is willing to help. No. She showed me a fuck in the open window when I drove behind her. I showed her O.K sign. Laughted again, swallowed her “fuck” and turned to the right. And I again though that to be fair to her she has a right…. she has a right not to be kind and not give me space… BUT WHAT A BITCH!
Вам известно то чувство, когда единственной возможностью повернуть на основную дорогу – это дождаться, пока светофор загорится красными все встанут, оставляя пространство для вас? Вы поворачиваете в образвавшийся пространство, и кто-то специально закрывает вам путь.

Что вы чувствуете,  когда вас не пропустили? Что вы чувствуете, когда не пропускаете вы? Вот и я, сравнив одно чувство с другим, решила, что не пускающий меня водитель не обязан быть добрым. Он волен думать только о себе и намеренно перекрыть мне дорогу. Волен. Но каков КОЗЕЛ!

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