Guilty pleasures

IMG_9400 (2)

We were thinking for a while where to bring a little one to trim her hairs.

First thought was a barber. Big beard barber trimming hairs for 5 years old blonde -that’s the best what we could imagine at that time. But barbers were busy or closed, so we’ve tried another week. No luck.

And today she was taken to a female hairdresser. Little one brushed her hairs, chat with every girl, who was there, chat with every guy too (that wasn’t much interesting at all), look at the magazine, laid on a massage chair, had a biscuits, tea, talk, biscuits again, talk again, candy, lollipop, talk and on, and on, and on…

And I realize that female hairdressers are Not about hairs at all, it is just an excuse to let all feminine nature blossom without any quilt. What are the barbers for if they don’t talk, don’t have a massage chairs and don’t have fun? I guess, it is guilt free beer, which you get there while waiting…simple yet satisfying.

Next time we are at the barbers… no excuses, she will like them too!

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