Evening disappointment


IMG_7954 (2)Not long ago I heard a nice joke that “At the last election in the ballot paper Pirate party was under the letter “R (Arrrrgh)”. Obviously, someone in Australian Government has a sense of humour”. Ha-ha! I like that.

And yes, I was enjoying this joke for a while until the moment when I flipped through my photos and saw a photo of ballot paper. Guess what? Of course Pirate party wasn’t under the letter “R”. It wasn’t under the letter “P” either. It was under the letter “J”.

Now, suddenly everything came back where it was. This Government doesn’t have any sense of humour, besides it doesn’t have any sense at all.

(…unless it has one which I can’t get logically)😩 … disconnected with my “Head”… all the time.

IMG_7954 (3)

Наверное, это Австралийский пост.

Пытаясь изложить его на русском, я постоянно засыпаю на своём учительском тоне. А пост про пиратов…

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