Grand (design) puzzle


My friend had a surgery last week. Today we visited him and brought a cake, coffee and  3-D puzzle.

The idea was that we sit altogether and chat while we do that puzzle, we had a lot of things to discuss. But…

First 15 minutes we spend in silence because we didn’t know how to do it. Next 15 minutes we spend in silence because we were concentrated and last couple of hours we were laughing how this thing suppose to bring everyone together, made us stress and blame each other for doing something wrong.

And I thought that in reality La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi took something like 135 ++ years to build only. Can you imagine how do they blame each other during constructing this in real life? And by the moment when they finish with building (estimate year 2032), they have to start reconstruction and conservation works. OMG! It is a puzzle! What you do is constantly build it, correct it, build it, pull apart and build again. Never ending story. There is always something to do for a few generations. That must be one of the biggest and the most expensive toys of Catholic church.



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