Do bad before good


There is an old tradition in German/Austrian culture to celebrate a Stankt Nicolaus or St.Nicolas day.

Nicolas is a kind man in red clothes which looks after poor people and gives away presents, supporting those who are in needs. Sounds familiar? Sure. Santa Clause -another bearded man, who looks after English speaking part of the world. There are a lot of similarities between those two. The only difference is that in Germany St.Nicolas has helpers – Krampus – underworld creatures, which take away bad kids.

And before the “good guy” comes and gives away chocolate, Krampus run around and get a not-so-good children with them. It is impressive and terrifying. Especially for kids, because before you ll get your treat you more likely to get your pans wet something like three times.

And I was thinking, how funny is that in Western society you don’t have to go through the “valuation” process, there is no possibility that you might be punished, but in German culture good only comes after bad sweeps a road for it. So after all, bad -is just a part of anything good, not it’s protagonist, but the right hand of a good. That means you don’t have to choose between good or bad, they ll come both anyway, you experience a good thing only after a bad one. Sounds like sins got legitimised just now.


русская версия ещё в печати.

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